4. Discussion

Analysis of results, key findings
The plant with 50% tap water and 50% fish tank water grew the most, and the best, clocking 20cm by the end of the 6th day! Then subject 4 and 5 are decreasing, while it increases from subject 1-2. Thus, striking a 50/50 balance of nutrients and water is key to the plant's growth rate

Explanation of key findings
Our deduction was that because, there was too much fish tank water, the plant was not able to receive enough water and thus, was not able to perform the chemical reactions at it's peak rate, and thus was not able to grow at it's peak rate. Thus, maintaining a balance of nutrients and water is the key to allowing the nutrients to dissolve into the water and also allowing the plant to receive enough water

Evaluation of hypothesis / engineering goals 
I think our hypothesis is partially correct. Our hypothesis was that the subject with 100% Fish tank water would grow the fastest, but as it turns out, the plant that grew the fastest was the plant with 50% water and 50% Fish tank water. I think our team could be more specific and mature about plotting hypothesis next time, we could have made a more discerning hypothesis by deducing the effects of maybe, malnutrition or other possibilities with too much fish tank water.

Form valid conclusion based on hypothesis and data
A balance between nutrients and water is key to keeping a 50/50 percent balance, evening out the percentage between them.

Areas for improvement 
We could have tested a more specific scope of the variables, like differing the level of fish tank water by 5ml at a time instead of 10ml, and we can also improve on our presentation of results, by showing it in a graphical representation such as a graph, with the deviation of the length of the sprouts.

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